The 15M citizens’ assemblies in different cities in Spain, along with other networks and social organizations, have built a platform for a Citizen Debt Audit to determine its illegitimacy. It began a process led by the people to address the debt problem, denouncing those responsible for it and demanding the non-payment of an illegitimate debt.

In Spain, as in other countries in the European periphery, we are
witnessing a Debt Crisis used to justify the social cuts and austerity
policies which are destroying social and labor rights won with the effort
and struggle of past generations. Basic public services such as education,
health and social services are being reduced and privatized with impunity.
Citizens are seeing their retirement age delayed, their living conditions
made precarious, their pensions freeze and their labor rights disappear.

There is more than enough evidence of illegitimacy in the Spanish
Government’s debt, as, together with the EU and regional governments, they
are using it as the reason to go ahead with bleeding austerity policies.

This is why we have the right to know, to understand the details of the
process that led us to this situation. This initiative has, among other
objectives, the need to recover our democratic and sovereign power to be
able to decide what to do with the debt and with our future, without the
interference of financial markets, the European Commission, the ECB or the

The debt of the Spanish economy is huge, above 400% GDP, but who subscribed
and benefited from this debt? Is it true that we have lived beyond our
means, as repeated over and over again by the press and the Government? Or,
on the contrary, has this debt benefited a powerful minority that continues
making profits with privatizations and austerity policies? Are we paying a
debt we haven’t created, a debt that was subscribed against the general
interest of the people? Or is the mechanism designed precisely to generate
an illegitimate debt?

The Audit collective will be in our squares during Global May to denounce
this situation and build together a citizens’ platform to dismantle the
official discourse.

The International Citizen Debt Audit Network (ICAN) brings together
movements and networks in different European and North African countries,
fighting austerity measures through the implementation of Citizen Debt
Audits. Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom,
France, Germany, Belgium, Egypt and Tunisia are all developing or
initiating Citizen Debt Audit campaigns against austerity and debt.

Our motto:: “We don?t owe! We won?t pay!”

Barcelona’s Debt Audit website: http://www.auditoria15m.org/
Article on international coordination: http://wp.me/p1Atrv-1rk
RSA Animate – Crisis of Capitalism:


– Catastroika http://www.catastroika.com/
– Debtocracy: http://www.debtocracy.gr/indexen.html

Riot police turn bus into Victoriaville jail cell

Late on Friday evening Sûreté du Québec (SQ) sirens rang out in the night, the flashing lights of speeding patrol cars fast approaching our bus, transporting many teargas-soaked striking students, community activists and journalists from Victoriaville back to Montreal in the spring rain.

After intense late afternoon protest clashes, involving rubber bullets and rolling clouds of tear gas from SQ forces, patrol cars raced to intercept buses as they left the small town and headed out onto the highway. This included our bus, organized by McGill and Concordia student activists. In the end, three buses were held overnight. In our case, we were forced to sit throughout the night – over ten hours – as police processed passengers in the station and armed guards stood watch on a bus transformed into a jail.

Read the rest of STEFAN CHRISTOFF’s article here.

Commanding Heights

Four years ago we launched the Multitude Project with the aim of understanding the effects of the new digital technology on our socio-economic institutions. We convinced ourselves that humanity was fast approaching a transition point, and that a new social order was about to emerge. But, unfortunately, we now realize that the future doesn’t look as unidirectional as we would like it to be.


One possibility, the one we would like to see materialized, is another step of emancipation of the multitude. It is a world in which individuals have greater control over what they want to become, over the value they produce, in all dimensions of value and, as a matter of fact, a world in which individuals have greater control over their own lives. It is a continuation of an undeniable historical trend of emancipation, as the multitude became more cohesive with the advance of communication and coordination technologies. We have finally reached the era of real-time peer-to-peer coordination, with practically no spatial barriers. The multitude is now more coherent than ever. It is able to generate very powerful large-scale effects, surpassing the containing forces of any social system designed to constrain it. The will of the people can now be expressed in massive global waves. The #occupy movement is one recent example of such manifestations.

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The Occupy movement and the student movement

“The Occupy movement has effectively changed the contours of debate, and it has done so across a fairly broad stratum of society. It was unthinkable to hear mainstream commentators talking about capitalism, poverty and radical alternatives prior to the economic crisis and the Occupy movement. It is now possible to talk about these things in a meaningful way, and this is a political opportunity. While this is encouraging, it is certainly not irreversible. Efforts will be made to oppress, distort and co-opt this more radical discourse as the Occupy movement prepares to re-expropriate public spaces from the status quo. There is a need for supporters and participants of Occupy to dedicate time, energy and resources to insuring that the movement remains vibrant.”

Read more about how the Occupy movement relates to the student movement here.

Protest Motion 312 on Parliament Hill (Bus to Ottawa!)

Guess who’s trying to attack reproductive rights again? Harper

And guess who’s going to tell him we are watching him? Us!

The conservative government is using the “private motion” technique to reopen the abortion debate. This is quite in line with what is being done in the states where women are becoming more and more criminalized (again!) for exercising their reproductive rights.

M-312 will be debated in the House of Commons on April 26th, 2012.

On April 25th, join us for a protest on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Bus is free, bring your lunch (and any signs or props you like!). We leave from 2110 Mackay (metro Guy-Concordia) at 9am and should be back in Montreal by 5pm.

We have 48 places total so please RSVP in advance by emailing campaigns@centre2110.org.

The event is organized by the Radical Handmaids: http://radicalhandmaids.com/

Find Your Talk, Raise Your Voice – Art and Activism, with Ravensara

Tuesday April 24th, 6-8pm

This workshop mixes protest and rebellion with the beauty of expression. Giving prompts relating to themes such as social justice and gender, participants will be invited to explore their unique voice through song and spoken word.

Free of cost. No experience needed. All are welcome!

The Blue Print Radio Project is an educational workshop series on gendered violence & making radio! CKUT 90.3 FM and the 2110 Center for Gender Advocacy are partnering with young women from diverse backgrounds in Montreal to create a focused radio programming series on gendered violence. Exciting weekly workshops alternate between learning radio skills at CKUT and exploring issues of gendered violence at the 2110 Center from October 2011 – April 2012.


Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

La dernière édition du journal éprouve bien des difficultés à voir le jour. Il s’agit de la vingtième édition !

Les raisons d’une telle difficulté sont nombreuses : pas assez de militants pour distribuer le journal, les pannes d’impressions, le manque de personnes responsables ainsi que le manque d’organisation et de structure au sein même du journal – sans doute que le manque de militants empêchait ladite structure.

À mon humble avis, le journal 99% doit être relancé au plus vite car il répond aux principaux mandats qu’Occupons Montréal s’est donné :
- Informer la population sur l’actualité et les problèmes de fond qui préoccupent le mouvement;
- Réunir les militants autant que solliciter l’appui d’autres personnes à travers les annonces d’évènements;
- Encourager la parole, l’expression, citoyenne.

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2011 fut l’année de l’indignation et de la révolte. Le printemps arabe a fait vaciller des autocraties, emporté des dictateurs, déstabilisé des régimes et poussé de nombreux autres à concéder des réformes. Les images de ces peuples arabes détrônant leurs oligarchies ont fait le tour du monde et donné l’exemple.

S’inspirant des occupations spontanées des places publiques dans le monde arabe, les premiers Indignés sont apparus en Espagne, alors que le pays s’était vu imposé de profondes mesures d’austérité. Les Espagnols mettaient en évidence les limites réelles de la démocratie dans ce pays fortement touché par la crise économique, subissant les diktats des marchés financiers et où 46% des jeunes sont au chômage. L’initiative fait des émules et le mouvement s’est répandu en Europe et au-delà.

Le mouvement s’est prolongé en Amérique du Nord, à partir de New York, autour de l’initiative Occupy Wall Street. Le mouvement entend s’attaquer au 1% des personnes les plus riches (grandes banques et des entreprises multinationales) qui dictent les lois d’une économie mondiale injuste qui hypothèque notre avenir à tous. Le mouvement s’est ensuite propagé à plus de 100 villes américaines, mais aussi au Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal).

Révoltés arabes, indignés européens ou occupants américains, tous se sont rassemblés derrière le même message d’espoir : Un autre monde est possible!

Lire la suite ici

« Le République » – Nouveau journal vraiment indépendant !

Par Luc Lefebvre

Il s’opère, depuis 30 ans, des changements importants dans le domaine de l’information au Québec, mais également à travers le monde. Ces changements se sont rarement fait au bénéfice du citoyen, mais plutôt pour le bénéfice d’une élite qui, tranquillement, est devenue toujours de plus en plus petite. D’ailleurs, saviez-vous que 80% des journaux imprimés au Québec appartiennent seulement à 2 entreprises?

Une élite qui n’a pas vraiment l’intérêt de soutenir les révoltes populaires et d’afficher publiquement la grogne des classes les plus basses de la société dans laquelle nous évoluons. Mieux vaut leur faire peur, question qu’ils n’aient pas confiance en eux. C’est la peur qui nous garde soumis, c’est la peur qui nous fait consommer, c’est la peur qui fait que nous préférons nous diviser plutôt que de nous unir.

Mais vient un temps où la peur n’est plus suffisante. Elle n’arrive plus à nourrir un corps et un esprit qui ont faim; faim de nourriture, faim d’espoir, faim d’avenir et de connaissances… faim d’humanité.

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Ralliement contre le projet de loi C-31, loi sur l’exclusion des réfugié-e-s: Nous disons NON à Kenney et à son immigration efficace raciste

Rally against C-31, the refugee exclusion act
No to Kenney and his racist “immigration efficiency”
(english below)

Vendredi le 20 avril, 11h30
Devant l’hôtel Marriott, Coin des rues Peel et de la Gauchetière (Métro Bonaventure), Montréal

Le vendredi 20 avril le ministre fédéral de la Citoyenneté et de l’Immigration Jason Kenney sera à Montréal pour promouvoir les politiques conservatrices d’immigration, orientées vers les besoins du marché économique. L’évènement est organisé par le Conseil des relations internationales (CORIM) et est commandité par Rio Tinto Alcan, Hydro-Québec et SNC-Lavalin. Kenney essaiera de légitimer son système rapide et efficace d’immigration ciblée qui met l’accent sur les emplois et la croissance.

Les sans-papiers, les migrant-e-s de diverses communautés et les personnes de couleur peuvent lire entre les lignes : le profit avant le peuple!

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