#10D International Day of Action for #GlobalChange

Global civil society is being threatened by a system based on power and not on human values. Day after day it represses basic freedoms and consistently favors the greed of the few over the needs of the many. This power finances wars, food and pharmaceutical monopolies, it sponsors dictatorial regimes across the globe, destroying environments, [...]

#F29 Shut Down the Corporations

National Call to Action Made by the Portland General Assembly – January 1st, 2012

Occupy Portland calls for a national day of non-violent direct action to reclaim our voices and challenge our society’s obsession with profit and greed by shutting down the corporations.  We are rejecting a society that does not allow us control of our future. We will reclaim our ability to shape our world in a democratic, cooperative, just and sustainable direction.

We call on the Occupy Movement and everyone seeking freedom and justice to join us in this day of action.

There has been a theft by the 1% of our democratic ability to shape and form the society in which we live and our society is steered toward the destructive pursuit of consumption, profit and greed at the expense of all else.

We call on people to target corporations that are part of the American Legislative Exchange Council which is a prime example of the way corporations buy off legislators and craft legislation that serves the interests of corporations and not people. They used it to create the anti-labor legislation in Wisconsin and the racist bill SB 1070 in Arizona among so many others. They use ALEC to spread these corporate laws around the country.

In doing this we begin to recreate our democracy. In doing this we begin to create a society that is organized to meet human needs and sustain life.

On February 29th, we will reclaim our future from the 1%. We will shut down the corporations and recreate our democracy.

Join us! Leap into action! Reclaim our future!  Shut down the corporations!


*This call to action was issued by the Portland General Assembly on January 1st, 2012 with unanimous support.

National Website – www.shutdownthecorporations.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/F29-Shut-Down-the-Corporations/169049533194891?sk=wall

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/261864810546909

Twitter: #f29 @f29action


Stand Up Against Attacks on Our Civil Liberties

The LA General Assembly became an early voice in the Occupy Movement against the indefinite military detention provisions in the The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA). They passed and released a public statement against the NDAA and held actions in opposition of the provisions in the following days.

Civil rights groups, counterterrorism experts and former military leaders have expressed serious concerns with sections of the NDAA which would effectively allow for the indefinite military detention of United States citizens and lawful immigrants in America (see 1031 & 1032 of  HR 1540). A group of Lawmakers submitted a letter to House and Senate leaders stating their concerns of the possibility of these provisions undermining the rights of US citizens.

While adjustments have been made in backdoor meetings after President Obama’s threat of veto, none of these primary concerns were directly addressed. The NDAA in its present form could still allow for an indefinite military detention of a US citizen on American soil without trial. Despite these egregious attacks on our civil liberties, the NDAA will likely be passed in the Senate and signed into law today.

Coincidentally, today also marks Bill of Rights Day.

So thousands are refusing to idly stand by and will take to the streets to defend the Bill of Rights for all of us. Occupy Wall Street is joining several national coalitions to voice opposition of the NDAA and other recent attacks on our civil liberties. Boston will march against indefinite detention and Bill of Rights Day Rallies Against the NDAA are planned in Los Angeles, SacramentoHoustonIthaca, Flagstaff, York and Hartford in addition to more actions around the country.

If this is something you feel strongly about, do something in your community to raise awareness. Explain why this is something that concerns you. Discuss this with your friends, your family and your neighbors. Express your concerns to those who are supposed to represent you.

Together, we will be heard.

For more information on national actions, go to: bordc.org


#10D International Day of Action for #GlobalChange

Global civil society is being threatened by a system based on power and not on human values. Day after day it represses basic freedoms and consistently favors the greed of the few over the needs of the many. This power finances wars, food and pharmaceutical monopolies, it sponsors dictatorial regimes across the globe, destroying environments, manipulating and censoring information flow and transparency.

This Saturday, December 10, people all around the world will stand up together to demand the rights we were promised in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed and approved by most of the world’s governments and the basis for many of our constitutions.

The struggle for our rights as human beings underlies everything we have demanded in every square and every demonstration in this historic year of global change. From East to West, North to South: on the 10th of December we will take to the streets and squares together to demand the fundamental principles that were promised and are inherent to Human Beings.

Visit 10december.net for more information on the global movement. Search for or submit a report for #10D actions in your area.


Occupy Brazil is holding Rally & March of Candles. Details on this Facebook event.

Occupy Tuscaloosa is holding a march for human rights on the national Day of Action for the Occupy movement and the anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Occupy London‘s lunchtime GA will provide space for London lovers, neighbours and visitors to discuss plans for occupations, teach outs and other actions specific to the local areas of London. More info here.
Also, live streaming of protests and show of cross-culture solidarity at the St. Paul Cathedral with guest speaker Professor Charles Tripp. Info here.

Madrid TomaLaPlaza is holding a week of action that starts on the 10th of December (International Human Rights Day) and culminates on the 18th of December (the global action day against racism and for the rights of migrants, refugees and displaced people) including performances, a Forum of Human Rights at Puerta del Sol, music show with various choirs, etc. Find more details here.

Occupy Montreal
After their eviction and the disrespect of their rights, Occupy Montreal will march to and occupy the SPVM HQ (Montreal Police Head Quarters) on this day of human rights and liberty. Complete schedule of events found here.

Occupy Nanamio will be taking part in Amnesty International’s Write for Rights campaign.

Occupy Nashville has planned a Global Human Rights Day March

Occupy Omaha will be holding a symbolic cross-town march uniting traditionally segregated areas of the city. Demonstrators will start from North Omaha and South Omaha and converge at the encampment.

Occupons La Defense (Paris)
As part of the global day of mobilization for the 63rd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the indignation of Paris are calling for a mobilization.

Occupy Sydney is holding a Global Human Rights Day Festival with info stalls, Free School, music, food and more!

Find more actions here.

National Day of Action to Occupy Our Homes

Banks took such high risks that they placed our entire economy in serious jeopardy. In return, they received trillions of dollars from the Fed and billions of dollars from hard working tax payers to get back on their feet. Homeowners take risks when buying homes; however, when they lose their jobs or are unable to afford their medical attention they don’t get bailouts, they lose everything.

With our current environment of corporate irresponsibility and greed, political impotence and corruption, all it takes is for you to lose your job or get dropped from your health insurance to lose it all. Just because it hasn’t happened to you, your loved ones or your neighbors yet, doesn’t mean the threat isn’t real.

This Tuesday, thousands will be standing up for their neighbors in a struggle against a system that places financial gain above the human need of shelter. Banks would rather let houses deteriorate than renegotiate loans with those who make them homes and build our communities.

Occupy Minnesota had taken this issue head-on shortly after their formation when a fellow Occupier called out for help in keeping her home.

This Tuesday, Occupy Minnesota will organize in neighborhoods to defend families facing foreclosures in the communities most affected by the financial crisis. They’ll expand their occupation to a second foreclosed home in South Minneapolis.



Occupy Our Homes is launching off with the National Day of Action to Occupy Our Homes

Occupy Wall St. will join in solidarity with a Brooklyn community to liberate a foreclosed home.

Occupy Minnesota
Minnesota Occupy Homes National Day of Action Occupiers will band together to prevent the loss of their neighbor’s home. Bobby Hull is a Vietnam veteran and plaster worker of 38 years.
Occupy A Foreclosed Home II Occupy Minneapolis will expand their occupation to a second foreclosed home in South Minneapolis. Location to be announced.
Occupy Our Homes – St. Louis banks further destabilize our cities and economy as they foreclose on our neighbors. Occupy St. Louis will stand with their neighbor, Annie Quain in her struggle to keep her home.

Occupy Erie will march to stand in solidarity with OWS and the rest of the United States against foreclosures on homes in their National Day of Action; Occupy Our Foreclosed Homes.

Occupy Milwaukee will host a Fraudclosure: Teach-In for the National Day of Action to Stop Foreclosures on the Foreclosure Crisis and it’s local impact on the people of Milwaukee.

Occupy Los Angeles will stand up with their neighbors Aturo, veteran and long-time aerospace worker with a family of four children, and Ana, a court interpreter and disability advocate with cerebral palsy, in an Anti-Foreclosure Direct Action.

Occupy Oakland and Causa Justa :: Just Cause are working together to demand that the banks give their neighbors’ homes back! In Oakland more than 50% of the people who are facing foreclosure are long term residents. Demonstrators will meet at the West Oakland BART station for a Stop Foreclosures! Occupy Our Homes! rally and march to take back homes!

Occupy San Diego will hold a press conference and rally of homeowners announcing they are taking the Home Defense Pledge at Civic Center Plaza.

Occupy Atlanta is rallying against the foreclosure auctions taking place in front of the Gwinnett and Fulton County courthouses through their Stop the Foreclosure Auction actions.

Occupy Palm Beach along with ForeclosureHamlet.org & 4closureFraud.org are holding a candlelight vigil at a home in foreclosure in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Occupy Chicago will have a day of action working with the community to clean up their neighborhoods. They will join the staff, students, and parents of the nearby May Elementary School to clean up a near by vacant house before determining it how it can best serve as a community asset along with housewarming parties and gatherings. Visit stopeviction.wordpress.com for more information.

Occupy Detroit will rally to stop the evictions of their neighbors Kyra Williams and Rob & Debbie Henry.

Occupy Portland is holding a “Home for the Holidays” action where three Portland families will be announcing plans to stay in their homes, in resistance to pending eviction orders. They will also be delivering Christmas Delegation Greeting Cards and singing foreclosure themed carols to our elected officials. More information here.

Occupy Seattle is standing up to save their neighbors Nikolin & Maria Fushazi from eviction before the holidays. Nikolin & Maria applied for a loan modification three times and when they were denied a third time a representative from Aurora loan services told Maria “we don’t need to modify your loan because we have insurance on the loan and we will get our money whether we help you or not”. Find action details on Occupy Seattles calendar page.


Stand up with your neighbors and let the bankers know your communities are more important than turning record profits.

Check this searchable database to see if there is an action near you!

Embrace Community Not Consumption on #BuyNothingDay

As retailers compete to see who can open their doors the earliest without offending the sensibilities of the public, Americans have been questioning the very tradition of over-consumption. Occupy Black Friday, OccupyXMass and Buy Nothing Day actions are being held throughout the country and world as a way to stand up against blatant corporate greed.

If you are opting-out this year, we’ve whipped up this little gift exemption card for you to print out give to your friends and family over Thanksgiving right before the chaos of corporate holiday spending ensues. Or, send this image as an eCard for those you won’t be spending the day with.


Historically, Buy Nothing Day has been about fasting from hyper consumerism – a break from the cash register and reflecting on how dependent we really are on conspicuous consumption. This 20th anniversary of Buy Nothing Day will be married with the message of #Occupy. Occupy the minds of Xmas shoppers with these posters. Organize a whirly mart, santa sit-in or Jesus walk.

Occupy Seattle
12:00 Speakers
1:15 Singing
1:45 Folk Guitar with Politics & Humor 
2:00 Hip Hop Occupies
2:15 Singing with the Raging Grannies
2:30 Alan Genatossio on Guitar
3:00 Community Square Dance! 
4:00 Seattle Good Business Network: Teach-In about Supporting Local Economy
4:30 Meditation & Dances for Universal Peace

More info at Occupy Seattle’s Facebook Event

Occupy Santa Rosa
10:00 Rally with Ceremony led by Nanahuatzin at City Hall (100 Santa Rosa Avenue)
11:00 Picket at Main Entrance of Santa Rosa Mall B Street and 4th Street
1:00 Flash Mob (location TBA)
2:00 Community Festival with music, craft making, free exchange & gift sharing at City Hall

More info at Buy Nothing Day w/ Occupy Santa Rosa Facebook Event

Occupy Omaha
Occupy Omaha is hosting a Black Friday Swap Not Shop Day  at the Occupy Omaha encampment site at 24th & Farnam from 10:00am to 9:00pm. Bring any gift items you’d like to donate and pick up something lovely for your friends and family at the same time!

Occupy Albany
Occupy Black Friday Flash-Mob at the Mall.

Occupy Tacoma
:30am ACT 1 @ Tacoma Mall
1:00pm ACT 2 @ WalMart by the South Hill Mall

Occupy Bellingham

6:00am Black Friday Protest
NOON Chaos Parade
4:00pm Downtown March

Occupy Everett
12:00am – 11:30pm Black Friday Protest of Wal-Mart
2:00pm – 3:00pm Occupy Wal-Mart

United Kingdom
Hong Kong


Call for an Alternative Day of Action on Human Rights Day Saturday, December 10th, 2011

The  success of October 15th has triggered an unprecedented momentum for  global action. Humanity has united across boundaries in a struggle for real democracy and individual rights. Essential to this struggle is the respect for human life and living conditions, including environments

Global civil society is being threatened by a system based on power and not on human values. Day after day it represses basic freedoms and consistently favors the greed of the few over the needs of the many. This power finances wars, food and pharmaceutical monopolies, it sponsors dictatorial regimes across the globe, destroying environments, manipulating and censoring information flow and transparency.

Despite our different cultural backgrounds and social contexts, we all suffer the same threats. Our freedom and dignity are under attack as a result of market dynamics and corrupt government institutions that are turning our local and global societies into increasingly unjust places. The governments of this planet must work for the people, not against them. The time has come to stand up for our rights together and to demand the rights we were promised  in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed and approved by most of the world’s governments and the basis for many of our constitutions.

The struggle for our rights as human beings underlies everything we have demanded in every square and every demonstration in this historic year of global change. There is no better culmination to this year of protest than a global day of action to defend our inalienable human equity from those trying to take it away from us. From East to West, North to South: on the 10th of December we will take to the streets and squares together to demand the fundamental principles that were promised and are inherent to the Human Beings.

We would like to propose the week starting on the 10th of December (10/12 – 17/12) as a time for alternative forms of protest which will be found after a debate between all of us. The idea is to participate in proposing new forms of action with a creative spirit: we can organize public forums and workshops, flash-mobs, we can promote the movement in local schools and neighborhoods or get in contact with humanitarian organizations working with the same goals. 





#N17 Mass Day of Action

OWS is calling upon you to participate in a national day of direct action on November 17 in celebration of the the two month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Occupy Wall St
7:00 Shut Down Wall Street
3:00 Occupy the Subways
5:00 Take the Square

This information and more at: occupywallst.org/action/november-17th

Occupy Colleges
Students across the country will gather together on November 17 to protest the rising costs of college education, and the diminishing quality in that education from universities. Students will strike by gathering in central locations throughout each school, or in solidarity at Occupy Wall Street.

More information at: occupycolleges.org

Occupying steelbridge in morning
Rally afterwards
Subsequently occupying banks


Los Angeles
1,000+ people to take over the street of Downtown, Los Angeles. Activists will meet at Bank of America Plaza at 333 S Hope St. and march to the corner of Figueroa and 4th St., where we will shut down the intersection.


Mass Uniting’s Jobs Not Cuts March & Rally at Dewey Square


Prior to March @ FSU: Martin Luther King Jr, Stokely Carmichael, American Democracy, and the Search for Economic Justice: From the Civil Rights Movement to the Occupy Movement

3:00pm Student Rally @ Northrop Plaza
4:00pm March onto the 10th Ave Bridge
5:30pm Rally on the Peoples’ Plaza (Government Plaza)


5:30 Solidarity March



5:30 Mass Action at Jackson and LaSalle


A general strike of university students will be taking place in the following cities: Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Tarragona, Palma, Sevilla, Santiago de Compostela, Murcia, Madrid, Valencia, Castello, Alicante, Zaragoza

17:00: Demonstration in Madrid

Place: From Nuevos Ministerios to Puerta del Sol Square
Call: Assembly UAM-CSIC / 15M


Activists are mobilising for sit-ins at universities and schools to discuss the ongoing protests around the world, resist the increasing commercialisation of education and connect to the struggle on the global level.


Massive student strikes, flash mobs, rallies, and other actions will be taking place in dozens of cities



Letter from Movement Building


Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park), home of Occupy Wall Street for the past two months and birthplace of the 99% movement that has spread across the country and around the world, was evicted by a large police force in full riot gear.

Three ways to get involved and help:

Come out in person today at 9am EST
We are re-gathering today at 9am EST at Canal and 6th Ave. This movement can’t be contained in one square block in lower Manhattan. It is bigger than that. You can’t evict an idea whose time had come. Show your support. Turn out en masse.

Join a Call to discuss Direct Action at noon EST
We also have a Direct Action call planned today at noon. This was already scheduled via InterOccupy.org, but we’d like to suggest that the call be used to directly discuss what can be done in response to today’s eviction. Please spread the word to Direct Action folks in your occupation that this call is happening!

To register for the call, go here:


Call assistant Attorney General with the Civil Rights Division
Attached to this email is a complaint submitted on behalf of the Occupy Movement to the Department of Justice in response to the increasing antagonism of police against peaceful protesters. It was formally submitted to the Department of Justice on 11/10/2011. It is addressed to a Mister Thomas Perez, the assistant Attorney General with the Civil Rights Division. Mr. Perez’s office number is (202) 514-4609. Let us call, tied up his lines, and demand that every citizen has a right to peaceably assemble without the threat of police violence. Forward widely.


In Solidarity!

Movement Building Working Group
Liberty Plaza


Civil Rights complaint

The Occupations Report: 11/12

We’ve recently seen this report posted and shared through social media, but we thought it might be helpful to have another place on the web it can be published and accessed daily. This Occupation Report is compiled by Rebuild the Dream. Occupy Together has no ties to Rebuild the Dream or Move On outside of requesting permission to repost this report.


Are you interested in helping conduct Training Sessions on key organizing and activism skills?  We’ve been receiving lots of feedback from readers requesting both trainers and materials on the ground. If you are a trainer or have an interest in training and are open to helping, please let us know at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFVIaFp1dEhqc1hScVBreE5McFhoWWc6MQ.  The Daily Occupations Report is trying to match Trainers and resources to the sites that need them. If you have any materials, guides or links to training resources, please send them to monique@rebuildthedream.com or lizbutlerdc@gmail.com. We will be sharing those resources at the end of the reports all next week.

This report includes updates from Occupy sites and related efforts across the country and the globe. It includes big wins, local organizing efforts, protests/events, police activity reports and calls to action where additional support from allies/general public may be needed.

For more updates from occupations around the country, listen to the Occupation America podcast at http://soundcloud.com/occupation-america


Occupy Atlanta
[Atlanta CBS report] The home base for Occupy Atlanta has tested positive for tuberculosis.

The Fulton County Health Department confirmed Wednesday that residents at the homeless shelter where protesters have been occupying have contracted the drug-resistant disease. WGCL reports that a health department spokeswoman said there is a possibility that both Occupy Atlanta protesters and the homeless people in the shelter may still be at risk since tuberculosis is contracted through air contact.

Occupy Berkeley
Occupy Berkeley held educational outreach in front of Chase bank urging members of the community to divest from the big banks and join local credit unions Saturday.

Occupy Boston
Saturday hundreds of Boston area residents and health advocates gathered with physicians, nurses, social workers and students for a Health Justice Day of Action.  Participants gathered at Dewey Square starting at 9:30AM to provide medical services, including flu shots and free health screenings, in collaboration with local health workers.  At noon the group held  a Speak-Out followed by a 1PM March and Rally on the State House to raise awareness about the health impact of unemployment, housing foreclosures, and Medicare and Medicaid cuts.

Occupy DC
Saturday afternoon, Occupy DC held an in-depth workshop on peaceful, direct action activism (with narratives from D.C. activists) and how to do it effectively. The workshop provided skills trainings as a part of this workshop.

Occupy Detroit
Occupy Detroit has been given an ultimatum – vacate Grand Circus Park by 10:00pm November 9th, or be ticketed. All campers are to be out of the park by Monday or be forcibly removed.

The hope is that, like in Albany, NY, the officers charged with the eviction will refuse, and not stand in the way of this collective expression that they themselves are a part of.

Occupy Oakland
[LA Times] Oakland city officials again issued an eviction notice to “Occupy” protesters Saturday, warning them to leave their camp on a plaza in front of City Hall or risk arrest and the confiscation of their belongings.

“You do not have permission to lodge overnight in Frank Ogawa Plaza,” the notice read. “You must remove all tents, sleeping bags, tarps, cooking facilities and equipment and any other lodging material … Your continued use of the Plaza for overnight lodging will subject you to arrest.”
An earlier eviction notice was issued Friday night.

Occupy Orlando
On Saturday, November 12th at 11:00am, Occupy Orlando joined the 12th annual Veterans Day Parade in Downtown Orlando to show support for the city’s veterans.

On Sunday the group released the following report: Occupy Orlando protesters helped a person involved in an altercation that occurred at a site near Senator Beth Johnson Park.  The altercation involved individuals who are not part of the Occupy Orlando movement, however Occupy protesters who witnessed the incident stepped in to help the injured receive medical attention, alert authorities, and provide eyewitness statements. Contrary to initial reports, the injury was a defensive wound sustained by an individual attempting to remove a knife from an assailant. Occupy Orlando remains dedicated to preserving a peaceful, nonviolent movement dedicated to helping the 99%.

Occupy Philadelphia

Occupy Philadelphia held a general assembly Friday night to vote on whether to move across the street from City Hall– at the city’s insistence — or stay put. The majority voted to stay camped out on Dilworth Plaza next to City Hall, where the plaza’s about to get a major facelift–a job that was expected to start this month.

On Thursday (11/10) Occupy Philly submitted a complaint to the Department of Justice in response to the increasing antagonism of police against peaceful protesters. The complaint was addressed to Thomas Perez, the assistant Attorney General with the Civil Rights Division.

CALL TO ACTION:  Occupy Philly is asking supporters to call Perez’s office at (202) 514-4609. “Let us call, tied up his lines, and demand that every citizen has a right to peaceably assemble without the threat of police violence.”

Occupy Portland
Sunday morning Occupy Portland sent out calls via Twitter and their web site asking people to go to Chapman to witness and support as police moved in to clear out the park. While many protesters have packed up and moved out, officials say an estimated 200 people remain in the camp that began Oct. 6., and hundreds more have gathered outside on Southwest 3rd and 4th avenues to watch the proceedings. ”At this point it’s been very peaceful, and we’ve got a lot of resources here to keep the peace,” Portland Police Chief Mike Reese told reporters late Saturday night. Video (As police moved in to evict Occupy Portland a crowd as many as 3000 Portlanders came out to support the peaceful protest): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmRahREQSvI

Occupy Puerto Rico
[Member report] On the 5th of November members of Occupy Puerto Rico occupied for several hours a decorative scaffolding in front of the island’s biggest bank, Banco Popular. They climbed the scaffolding without any resistance from authorities or nap security, and at the peek hour of traffic unfurled a large banner which they adorned the front of the building with. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNmsEaM3YV4&feature=related past Friday, in tune with the 11/11/11 call to Take the Streets (Tomar las called), members of Occupy Puerto Rico led a march that ended with to sit-ins that received some threats from police officers, but thankfully no arrests. In the second sit-in, the demonstrations ended appropriating a series of statues dedicated to US presidents which were built-in front of the capitol building.http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150389866902767&set=vb.515062766&type=2&theater


Occupy Saint Louis
(KMOX/AP) — Police arrested about two dozen people at an Occupy St. Louis encampment early Saturday, then began taking down the tents where the protesters have lived over the past several weeks.

One young man suffered a seizure during the arrests but was conscious and alert by the time an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital. The cause wasn’t immediately known.

The arrests began shortly after midnight, roughly 20 minutes after U.S. District Judge Carol Jackson declined a request by protesters for a temporary injunction that would have allowed camping at Kiener Plaza to continue at least through the weekend. However, Jackson did schedule a hearing on Tuesday to consider whether the protesters should be allowed to relocate in the park.

The demonstrators who were arrested stood passively on park ground — violating the city’s 10 p.m. curfew — as officers used plastic ties to handcuff them and lead them to eight paddywagons. There was no violence and no resistance.

At least 100 other protesters stood on a sidewalk and chanted things at police like “Shame on you!,” ”Who do you serve?” and “Our passion for freedom is stronger than your prison.”

Occupy Salt Lake City
Twitter reports Saturday– Bulldozer runs through Occupy Salt Lake City camp; police arrest at least 4. [The Blaze report] Police evicted the Occupy Salt Lake City protesters who had made Utah’s Pioneer Park their campsite, arresting 19 people Saturday who refused to comply. Despite the arrests, the protesters’ removal was peaceful and no incidents of violence were reported, and city sanitation crews arrived to clear debris from the park — with a bulldozer. Protesters were ordered to vacate after a man was found dead in his tent at the encampment Friday, apparently due to carbon monoxide poisoning and a drug overdose.

Occupy San Francisco
Two police officers sustained minor injuries in separate incidents during an Occupy SF march Saturday afternoon.

San Francisco police were accompanying the traditional Saturday march and were attempting to hold the line and prevent the demonstrators from taking over the middle of the intersection at The Embarcadero and Broadway, where a Muni light-rail vehicle was. Cops said a female emerged from the crowd of marchers and attacked an officer with an instrument described as an X-Aacto razor blade attached to a pen- or pencil-like object. Police said the suspect slashed the inside of the officer’s hand and ran back into the crowd before the officer knew he had been cut.

The second incident happened at the same location. A male demonstrator approached an officer and grabbed his police radio that was attached to his hip, police said.  No one can verify the identity of either suspect or whether or not they were associated with Occupy San Francisco.

Occupy Santa Rosa
[San Francisco CBS] Occupy Santa Rosa is reportedly the largest such demonstration in the nation per capita with over 100 tents set up outside City Hall. But the lawmakers there are taking a kinder, gentler approach to the protesters by comparison to the movements counterparts. There has been an ongoing back and forth between protesters and city leaders over how to handle the public safety, and public access issues presented by the mass campout. Those talks culminated this week with the City Council voting five to two to allow demonstrators to apply for camping permits.

Occupy Tulsa
Occupy Tulsa has voted to resume legal assistance to individuals who so choose to participate in non-violent civil disobedience by making a formal stand Sunday, Nov 13th, at Solidarity Square (a.k.a. Centennial Green Park) at curfew (11pm).

Occupy Wall St.
A former Chinese democracy activist who helped lead the Tiananmen Square protests is putting his work on hold at a software firm he founded in New York to devote all his time to the Occupy Wall Street protests.

More than two decades ago, Shen Tong was 20 years old, organizing the media campaign of a student democracy movement in Beijing. Mr. Shen recalls dodging bullets on June 4, 1989, when protesters in the capital city’s Tiananmen Square were met with force by the Chinese military. Untold numbers of dissidents were killed.

Occupy Woodstock
[Member report] Sunday, November 13th – Occupy Woodstock is holding a winter donation drive on the village green in Woodstock, NY. The group is hoping to get some good gear to help the intrepid campers through the cold months ahead. See their event page: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=188207981260614



Occupy Berlin
[AP] Over 10,000 protest the banks’ power in Germany — German police say more than ten thousand people are protesting against the banks’ dominance in two of the country’s major cities.

Police in Frankfurt, continental Europe’s financial hub, say some 9,000 people are peacefully protesting near the European Central Bank’s office tower in the city centre.

Police in Berlin say demonstrators are forming a human chain surrounding parts of the capital’s government district to call for an end to excesses of financial speculation and urge the government to dismantle big banks.

Berlin police said “several thousand” people took to the streets Saturday, but organizers of the protest — which is inspired by New York’s Occupy Wall Street movement — said turnout was about 8,000 in Berlin and 10,000 in Frankfurt.





The Daily Occupation Report is compiled by Rebuild the Dream using information gathered from online news sites, Twitter, blogs and other sources of occupation-related updates. You are welcome to share this report and can download the Word document version at http://rebuildthedream.com/occupy-update.


If you have any questions, feedback or would like to contribute reports from your local Occupy site, please send them along with your contact and Twitter feed information to monique@rebuildthedream.com or  lizbutlerdc@gmail.com.