The Robocall Scandal – Nation Wide Rallies

The THREE ORDERS to the Governor General of Canada:

We, citizens of Canada, are calling on the Queen’s Representative in Canada, His Excellency the Right Honourable Governor General David Johnston to immediately comply with the following three orders, which are constitutionally provided for in the Constitution Act of 1982 and all laws following it:

The Three Non-Negotiable Orders:
1) An immediate suspension of parliament and a new, untainted election completely free of fraud and voter suppression, as well as the complete cessation of the passage of new bills;

2) A completely open and independent Royal Commission, absolutely free of political interference and involvement, beginning within a reasonable amount of time (no more than 3 months from the date of Elections Canada’s address to parliament on March 29th), as well as a criminal investigation up to and including the Prime Minister’s Office;

3) Complete accountability, including the involvement of jail time and the application of justice in upholding the Constitution of Canada, 1982, and all the democratic rights prescribed therein.

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