May 27th 2011 at Catalunya Square there was a violent attempt of eviction
which fortunatelly failed . The excuse the police used was the cleaning of
the place were a camp was stablished since May 16th. Police took away
computers and personal belongings, as well as documents and data. The
images and recordings of police brutality against a massive and peaceful
protest were spread around the world. Some of the people who were hurt
during the police action took a collective legal action against Felip Puig,
the Catalan Home Office ouncillor, in charge of security in Catalunya. But
the Catalan justice concluded that the police’s action was “balanced” and
filed the suit, rejecting it even though they had only watched 20% of the
recordings presented as a proof. A silent demonstration with candels
happened on March 7th as an answer to that court’s desition.

One year after the eviction, people joined again in Catalunya Square asking
for justice. The manifesto claimed that in one year it is obvious that not
only there are budget cuts, but also a lot of rights are being taken away:
Lots of police resources are destinated to repress protesters while
disattending security. Besides this, the police action is most of the time
out of the law: they don’t show identification, they are using forbiden
materials and weapons, and spreading pictures of protesters to identify
them and criminalize the social movements.
With a white board in the background, people were appearing in front
showing the messages that they had written themselves, messages condemning
the police action and the impunity, messages asking for justice.

In the afternoon, two experts prepared a workshop on peaceful resistance.
The aim was to let everyone know their rights when in front of the police
and to give some advice about what to do during an arrest, identification,
search and so on. The call claims “We’ve lost the fear and our best weapons
are solidarity and mutual support”.
Later, at night, people concentrated again in Catalunya Square to watch
some videos of that day and play an audio which is a recording of several
conversations between riot police during the eviction.

The lawyers in charge of the cause appealed to an upper organism, the
Provincial Court. After one year of looking for justice, everyone keeps
waiting for an answer from the Judiciary.


– The Som27M call: http://som27m.wordpress.com/2012/05/24/un-any-despres/

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